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About 2 years ago the concept of “Smart Jewelry” was conceived…

I had been designing and selling earrings for over a decade and had recently transitioned to necklaces. Happily creating beautiful necklaces and exploring the thousands of bead options available, an epiphany occurred -- there could be a “method” to the madness.

In a previous lifetime I was an electrical engineer and have been intrigued by mathematics and physics since I can remember. Why not combine my two interests?

I could transform amazing numbers that I had used analytically for so many years into gorgeous, unique pieces of jewelry that would have inherent meaning for the wearer. I started with four historically important and pretty cool numbers – The Speed of Light, Pythagoras’ Constant, Pi and the Golden Ratio. You can learn more about these numbers on their info pages and how the number is represented in the design of each piece of jewelry.

We were then inspired to expand the concept to include ANY special series of numbers. Our custom necklace line is tailor-made for birthdays, graduations, weddings, any date or number that you would want to celebrate in a physical form and wear with joy. They make incredible, distinctive gifts to others or something special for yourself. Learn how to order these unique pieces of jewelry. Picture of necklace

The business developed over the last two years and the “I” became “We”. Tom Kohan joined last year as marketing and business developer and I am delighted to welcome new designer Madeleine Torraca Jones.

We are very excited to bring the website online in 2008. It is filled with interesting and fun information and links about the numbers used in our designs. Plus, each gemstone is also referenced so you can discover their respective metaphysical powers and ancient and modern birthstone designations. We hope you enjoy exploring the site and welcome feedback. Feel free to contact us about any special requests or questions you may have about the jewelry or numbers. We look forward to hearing from you.


Lisa Torraca
Tom Kohan
Maddy Torraca Jones