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A Bit of History
Around 500 BC the Pythagorean Society, in the midst of developing their famous theorem, came upon the shocking discovery of irrationality in the form of the square root of two.

Although they tried to keep this information from the public one of its members, Hippasus, leaked it out. Legend says he was not only ostracized by the group but put out to sea and drowned.

Numbers were no longer orderly and divine.
They were messy and unknowable.

Pythagoras' Constant = 1.4142135623730950488...
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The image below shows the layout of a Pythagoras' Constant / Square Root of Two necklace. The Number Sequence beads represent Pythagoras' Constant. The Spacer bead is a bead, or combination of beads, that separate each digit in the number. Pythagoras' Constant - Square root of two infographic