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A Bit of History
Intricately woven into nature and physics is PHI, the Golden Ratio or Divine Proportion, defined as the ratio of two numbers such that the larger number to the smaller number equals that of the the sum of the two numbers to the larger number:


The petal growth on a rose, the spiral pattern of a sunflower's seeds, the breeding of rabbits are all based on PHI. Its proportions are considered pleasing to the eye and many ancient architectual treasures and painting are thought to have been created with PHI incorporated into their dimensions.

It is considered the most irrational
of the irrational numbers.

PHI = 1.618033988749894....
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The image below shows the layout of a Golden Ratio necklace. The Number Sequence beads represent the Golden Ratio. The Spacer bead is a bead, or combination of beads, that separate each digit in the number. golden ratio infographic