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Customer Service
•  I would like to speak directly to a Constants & Variables representative about designing my necklace. How do I do that?
Please e-mail us using our customer service contact form regarding any inquiries about designing a custom necklace. If you need more information, you are free to call us at 1-207-712-7182 between the hours of 9am - 5pm Eastern Standard time, and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Design Preferences
•  Can I design my own PI, Speed of Light, Golden Ratio or Pythagoras’ Constant necklace?
Yes. We will construct any necklace with any beads you choose. You may complete the You Build Custom Necklace Order Form (enter the name of the number you would like represented in your necklace in section 2 of the form in the "Number to be represented in necklace" field, then select the beads you would like to represent the number and spacers). Please allow 10-14 business days for a custom design however.
•  I would like to have a necklace made of a bead that you don’t list on your site. Are you able to do this?
We would be more than happy to design and construct a necklace from whatever materials you choose. Please complete the We Build Custom Necklace Form and enter the names or types of beads you would like used in your necklace in the "Necklace Details" field in section 2 of the form. Please allow time for us to give you an estimate of cost, to procure the beads and manufacture the piece.
•  Do I have to use a date when ordering a custom necklace or can I just have any number I would like represented in my necklace?
You can request any number that is special to you to be represented in your necklace. It does not have to be a date.
Payment Method
•  What payment methods can I use?
We accept payments via Paypal, credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover), cashier check or personal check. All payments must be verified prior to shipment of jewelry.
Sales Tax
•  Will I have to pay sales tax?
Items purchased by Maine residents regardless of delivery destination are subject to 5% sales tax.
•  How much is shipping?
We offer FREE ground shipping for all our products in the continental US only. You may request overnight or 2nd day air delivery for an additional cost.
•  How long does it take to get my necklace?
UPS is our preferred shipper although we use US Postal Service also. UPS ground shipping takes between 5-7 business days after the order is placed and payment information is secure.

All custom order necklaces require 10-14 business days for manufacture and shipping.
Restocking Fee
•  Why do I have to pay a restocking fee for a custom necklace return?
All custom necklaces are made to order and are unique to that client’s specifications and cannot be resold to another client. If returned for any reason they will be deconstructed and the beads will be returned to inventory. For this reason a restocking fee is charged for custom necklace returns.